Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach

Land for Sale at Khok Kloi
near Natai beach, Phang Nga

This elegant piece of land is well situated twixt the small town of Khok Kloi and Natai beach in Phang Nga province.

For everyday shopping, the nearby town of Khok Kloi is ideal. There are restaurants, and shops, including a Tesco Lotus supermarket. for everyday grocery items. There is also a Thai style weekend open air market.

Natai beach itself is an unspoilt exclusive beach with just a small sampling of high end villas in the area. It is essentially a tropical luxury hideaway which offers privacy and seclusion. The locale is dominated by fishing villages, livestock and traditional farms.

This 7 rai of land is a ten minute drive north of Phuket island and the international airport is only 28 km away. The location remains quiet and relatively undisturbed.

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Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach

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Have you ever heard of Natai beach? Imagine a stretch of white sands ten kilometres long that is completely free of vendors and beach umbrellas. There are no big hotels, tailor shops or sleazy bars in the area, and absolutely no buzzing jet skis or speedboats.

Where is this magical place?


Land for sale at Khok Kloi, near Natai beach, Phang Nga

Seven rai of land for sale at Khok Kloi, Phang Nga, near the prestigious and pristine Natai Beach on the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean.

It is just 20 minutes north of the Phuket International Airport allowing quick and easy access from all international locations.

Brief details are as follows:

  7 rai of land for sale.
  Chanote land title
  Close to the amenities of Khok Kloi.
  3 km from the unspoilt Natai beach.
  Phuket airport is a distance of 28 km.


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Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach

Land for sale at Khok Kloi, near Natai beach, Phang Nga

Seven (7) rai of land, with chanote land title, for sale three kilometers east of the prestigious Natai beach and close to the center and amenities of Khok Kloi town.
The Natai beach area is regarded as an exclusive, upcoming and prime locale. It is pristine and beautiful. Enjoy the serenity.

The land is in a good location and is 28 km north of Phuket International Airport.

Ideal as an nvestment or a luxury development / resort.


Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach

Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach
Location Map

Land for sale at Khok Kloi, near Natai beach, Phang Nga



Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach
Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach
Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach
Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach
Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach
Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach
Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach
Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach
Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach
Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach
Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach
Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach
Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach
Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach
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Land for sale at Khok Kloi, near Natai beach, Phang Nga



Land for Sale, Khok Kloi near Natai beach
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Land for sale at Khok Kloi, near Natai beach, Phang Nga

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Proposed Surat Thani to Phuket rail link
Proposed Surat Thani to Phuket rail link via Phang Nga

There are proposals for a mass transit rail link from Surat Thani to Phuket. This will connect the Gulf of Thailand with the Andaman Sea (East-West rail corridor).

Feasibility studies for the 158 km distance project are being conducted.

The plan is to connect Don Sak in Surat Thani, to Tha Noon, in Phang Nga just north of Sarasin Bridge. Then a Light Rail will connect Tha Noon to Phuket International Airport, Phuket Town and Chalong Circle.

For more information including two videos ( for Phang Nga and Phuket ) (in Thai) please visit:


Proposed Surat Thani to Phuket rail link

Natai beach
Places of interest in Phangna close to Natai Beach and Khok Kloi :

1.   NaTai beach and NaTai pier

Natai Beach is a 2 km stretch of unspoilt, quiet and pristine beach which overlooks the Andaman Sea.

It has a backdrop of rich rainforest scenery and much of the beachfront land has been designated a forest or conservation zone.

There is also actually a tiny quaint public pier where many locals like to cast a fishing line, especially at sunset. On the nearby sands are the huts and boats of the local fishermen.

At midday it is quiet with only a few small long-tail boats scattered along the sands.


2(a).   The scenic coastal road H3006

There is a lovely scenic route H3006 heading north along the coast towards Thai Muang district. Driving along Route 3006, the road that runs alongside the beach, is a scenic journey taking you through a tropical landscape of coconut groves and water-lily strewn lagoons. Several public paths leading to the beach from the road are found along the way.

2(b).   Wat Tha Sai and Tha Sai beach
( and picnic area )

Wat Tha Sai is a beautiful beachside temple at Tha Sai beach, Thai Muang district. It is situated about eleven kms north of Natai beach along the coastal road H3006.

Wat Tha Sai Temple in Thai Muang district, Phang Nga

Wat Tha Sai Temple in Thai Muang district, Phang Nga

About two kms after the Waterjade resort make a sharp left turn down a concrete road of length approx 1 lm to the temple and beach.

3.   Wat Kao temple and Wat Kao waterfall

The beautiful Watkao Waterfall (or Watkhao Waterfall) is situated in the north of Khok Kloi. Access is through the temple gate of Watkao. Wat Kao is a forest temple. You can drive about 2 km further north into lush green hills. The road ends directly below the large swimming pool formed by a dam under the cascades.

Wat Khao Temple and waterfall, Khok Kloi, near Natai beach, Phang Nga

Wat Khao Temple and waterfall, Khok Kloi, near Natai beach, Phang Nga

On weekends, local families come to enjoy a day out. Above the road is a restaurant with salas serving inexpensive food. Signboards explain that high above the waterfall there are Rafflesia flowers that can be reached with the help of a local guide from the village tourism community at:
Moo 10 KroK Kloi, Takua Thung, Phang Nga 82130

4.   Other temples at Khok Kloi.

These include:-   Wat Don, Wat Na Klong, Wat Rat Yothi and Wat Trai Mak Sathit

5.   Ruan Kaen Restaurant

This Restaurant in Khok Kloi is also known as the Wooden House Restaurant or simply the Jungle Restaurant. It is an attraction in itself due to the very attractive wooden construction and the garden setting.
They serve local spicy delicious dishes, and also breakfast.
The Ruan Kaen Restaurant is located in a shady garden on the left hand side of route 4 about 1 km to the north of Khok Kloi junction traffic lights.
The restaurant is very popular among Thais.
Address:   43/2 Moo 4, Phetkasem Rd., Khok Kloi
Tel.: 076-581554 or 076-581464

6.   Unique wood carving souvenirs

Phutal Wood Carving at
40/1 Moo 5, Khok Kloi, Takua Thung, Phang Nga 82140
    Tel.: 080-3282005 or 090-5588557

7.   Andaman 360 degree viewpoint

The Andaman View Point is situated at the road from Khok Kloi to Phuket. There is an access road on the left about 1 km south of the new Khok Kloi Bus Terminal. The view point boasts a 360 degree view of the surrounding landscape and the channel between Phuket and the mainland. A kiosk on the top serves some snacks and drinks.

8.   Khao Lam Pi - Thai Muang National Park

The annual turtle releasing festival takes place here on 1st March each year at Thai Muang beach. The festival lasts for about 7 days usually.

Note that the turtle releasing only takes place on the 1st day.

turtle releasing festival at Thai Muang

turtle releasing festival at Thai Muang

9.   The giant Rafflesia flower

The giant Rafflesia is also known as the wild lotus (bua phut). Not only is it the largest flower in the world, it is also the heaviest weighing up to 7 kg. It is parasitic, living as microscopic filaments in the roots of the liana jungle vine; it has no roots or green leaves; occasionally buds the size of footballs erupt, from October to December, and then bloom in January.

The Rafflesia is in full bloom for only 7 days; then the flower becomes black and soon disintegrates, producing a tremendous stench, comparable to rotting flesh, which at least the carrion flies seem to enjoy and so effect pollination.

To see the giant Rafflesia in the mountains of Khok Kloi, you have to get information from the Kamnan of Moo 7 first.

The giant Rafflesia flower

The giant Rafflesia flower

If a Rafflesia is in bloom, you can undertake an adventurous trip off road by motorcycle. The trip goes up for half an hour, then a not too strenuous walk for another twenty minutes. There are usually several blossoms in various stages of bloom.

10.   Dinosea World Park (Dinosea Water Park)

This Amusement Park opened on 28th January 2017, and is a great family Park. It is situated on a coastal strip in an easterly direction from Tha Noon, at 90 Moo 11 Khok Kloi.   Proceeding north from Phuket, towards KhaoLak, make a U turn, and head east, immediately after Tha Noon school (on the right hand side). After about 1.5 kms turn right, and continue for nearly 3 kms, at which point turn left into a large car park. Please refer to these two websites for further details:

Dinosea World Park

11.   Raman Waterfall (Raman Forest Park)
near Phamg Nga town

Raman Waterfall Forest Park is one of two forest parks found in Phang Nga. It is overseen by the forestry department.

Raman waterfall in Phang Nga

To get there from Khok Kloi, drive northeast on route 4 towards Phang Nga town. Ten kilometers before the town on the left, there is a polytechnic college. The entrance is located shortly after the college and marked by a large temple archway. Signs are posted along the way as well. The waterfall is about three or four kilometers from the main road, highway 4. The road is narrow but the way is clearly marked in English.

12.   Phung Chang Cave (Elephant belly cave)
Phang Nga town

Located at Khao Chang (Phang Nga town's landmark hill) within the grounds of the Buddhist temple Wat Praphat Prachimkhet, behind the Provincial Hall.

wat phraphat prachimkhet in Phang Nga town

Inside are stalagnites, stalactites and a stream that runs all year round. Usually only 100 tourists per day are allowed to visit so as to preserve the cave's ecology. Each round trip takes two hours by foot, canoe and rafting.

13.   Tapan Cave Monastery
Phang Nga town

This monastry is also in Phang Nga town, and about 600 meters past the Provincial Hall. Inside is a bridge cellded "Dragon Bridge that spans hell".

wat tapan cave in Phang Nga town

At one end of the bridge is a cave that has many beutiful attractions, such as a waterfall, a stream, the Diamond Dharma Meditation area, stalactites and stalagmites resembling a castle, a thousand-year old stone turtle, etc.

14.   Suwan Khuha Temple
Phang Nga town

This is known locally as "Wat Tham meaning "Cave Temple". It is within a limestone mountain, full of caves large and small.

wat suwan khuha in Phang Nga town

Each cave in the temple has a name:  
Tham Yai or Big Cave; Tham Jaeng or Bright Cave; Tham Mued or Dark Cave, and Tham Kaew or Crystal Cave.

15.   Phang Nga Bay
(Ao Phang Nga National Park)

Ao Phang-nga or Phang-nga Bay has an area of 40,000 sq km and comprises more than 40 islands, large and small. The sea is rather shallow with an average depth of a few metres only, and the waves never reach one metre high even in the monsoon months from May to October.

The Bay has striking scenic views by the mass of limestone formations scattered around the sea near the shore. Also, as a result of natural changes, caves and rock formations have been formed. The Park is also fertile with mangrove.

Tours of the Bay is inevitably by boat to various islands, and canoeing into the sea caves. Boats can be hired to tour around Ao Phang-nga at the Customs Checkpoint Pier or Surakul Pier close to Takua Thung town. Essentially both piers are about 35 kms or so east of Khok Kloi.

Visitors may travel by either a motor boat seating several dozen people, or a boat with a long shafted outboard motor (long-tail boats) which seats some 10 people, or a canoe which can be ridden by no more than three passengers and which provides a great opportunity to explore the islets closely, and even go through small openings of the islets.

Phang Nga bay

16.   Attractions in Phang Nga Bay

Tham Lot is a limestone grotto sculptured by weather and the sea water. There are a few stalactites hanging down from the roof. The cave is large enough to allow two or three canoes going through side by side.

Khao Phingkan and Ko Tapu which are near each other, some 10 km from Tham Lot. Khao Phingkan means (two) hills leaning against each other; they are connected by a tiny beach.
Standing alone in the sea some 200 metres from Khao Phingkan is the tiny Ko Tapu, or Nail Islet. Ko Tapu is also known as James Bond Island as it featured in the film - The Man with the Golden Gun.

Ko Panyiis a popular place for a seafood lunch. It is a very special sight with all restaurants and some 500 houses built on stilts over the sea. and is a centuries-old Muslim fishing village, complete with a mosque and a school.

Khao Khian or Writing Hill is where a shallow cave contains coloured drawings of people, crocodiles, dolphins and sharks estimated to be about 3,000 years old.

Ko Honghas beautiful sea views and several caves accessible only by canoe. The west of the island features high cliffs and lagoon while the east comprises a bay and a curved white sand beach.

Ko Phanak
By canoeing through a small opening at low tide, visitors will enter a wonderful hidden world of its emerald lagoon.

Ko Khai consists of two virgin islands, located in the south of the bay. The sand is white and powdery and the sea is pure and crystal, ideal for people who love tranquility, swimming and sunbathing.


Zoing Phang Nga
Zoning map of Phang Nga.
("Ministerial Regulation 2010")

This Regulation regarding the Common Town and City Planning for the beach front and adjacent areas in the Khok Kloi and Thai Muang Communities in Phang Nga Province was proclaimed and published in the Government Gazette, and was effective from 3 July 2010.

In order to control land utilisation and development and to maintain the natural areas of the Khok Kloi and Thai Muang Communities the Ministry of Interior has proclaimed the Ministerial Regulation of the Common Town and City Planning for areas in the Khok Kloi and Thai Muang Communities 2010 by virtue of the Town and City Planning Act 1975.
The Regulation applies to areas in sub-districts of Thai Muang, Na Toey, Khok Kloi, Lor Yoong, Ta Yoo, and Takua Thung (collectively the "Khok Kloi and Thai Muang Communities") of Phang Nga Province.

The Ministerial Regulation 2010 provides for zoning as follows:

Zone 1: Low-density residential
Zone 2: Medium-density residential
Zone 3: Commercial and high-density residential zone
Zone 4: Rural and agriculture zone
Zone 5: Open spaces for recreation and environmental quality zone
Zone 6: Forest Conservation zone
Zone 7: Educational institution zone
Zone 8: Open spaces for environmental quality zone
Zone 9: Religious institution zone
Zone 10: Government institution and public infrastructure zone.

The land, in question, for sale is on the border between Zones 2 and 3.

Disclaimer: The accuracy of the above particulars cannot be guaranteed, and readers should check with the appropriate qualified Authorities.